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The Female Slave Market in Constantinople (1 Mar)
From the slave market to the sultan's bedchamber (17 Feb)
Buying a new slave for your harem (4 Feb)
Odalisquian books list now on Odalisques.com (29 Jan)
Edward Lane's descriptions and drawings of female clothing (27 Jan)
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"The Arab Scribe" by J.F. Lewis, 1852
"The Bath" by J.L. Gerome, in the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
"Odalisque" by Max Nonnenbruch
"By order of the sultan" by Antonio Fabres
"Idle Moments" by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1875
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About Odalisques.com

This site is a place to write about the imagined Orientalist world of odalisques, slaves, and harems within the context of BDSM, especially D/s, M/s, and O&P. I've explained some of the background in my Odalisquian Thoughts blog post, and how some of the images and text here date back to my first BDSM webpages in 1997. Where a structure like O&P provides a skeleton for M/s and D/s relationships, the Odalisquian aim is to put sensual, feminine flesh on that skeleton.

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The paintings used to make the icons at the top of each page are: Gerome's "Slave market", Gerome's "Muezzin", Hofmann's "Slave dealer", Lewis's "The Arab Scribe", Hayez's "Odalisque reading a book", Ingres' "Turkish bath", and Gerome's "Moorish bath".