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Edward Lane's descriptions and drawings of female clothing

Posted by Tanos on Mon 27 Jan 14, 12:29 AM

I've updated the page of selections from "Modern Egyptians" to include Edward Lane's description of what different classes of women were wearing in the 1830s. This update includes 8 of the illustrations from his book.

This was prompted by the revealing dress worn by Deutsch's "Water Carrier, which corresponds rather well with what Lane observed and not at all what you might expect from modern assumptions about historical Arab societies: "The women of Egypt deem it more incumbent upon them to cover the upper and back part of the head than the face; and more requisite to conceal the face than most other parts of the person. I have often seen, in this country, women but half covered with miserable rags; and several times, females in the prime of womanhood, and others in more advanced age, with nothing on the body but a narrow strip of rag bound round the hips."

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