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Buying a new slave for your harem

Posted by Tanos on Tue 4 Feb 14, 7:51 PM

Let us imagine that you have an opportunity to buy a female slave in 19th century Cairo or Istanbul. What advice would be useful to you? What should you look for, and how should you act? Even if you are never approached by a mad man in a blue box to go on such an trip, some of this advice might be useful in the present day whenever you find yourself in possession of a new slave.

The first question is: what kind of sale is this? Are you going to a public market, or to a private sale in a dealer's house?

Public markets only operate on certain days of the week and for a few hours a day, probably just in the morning. So there are likely to be other buyers present when you examine the merchandise. If the seller expects interest from multiple buyers than he will encourage them to bid on the slave at the same time to drive up the price. If he is confident of sufficient interest, he may even state that a formal auction will be held for her at a specified time. You must not allow yourself to be rushed, both to avoid being carried along by the pressure of the situation and to avoid missing serious defects in the girl by failing to examine her thoroughly. If you find yourself in an informal bidding process or an auction, then you should pick a ceiling price and stick to it.

You must also be clear in your mind what kind of slave you are looking for. Will she be purely employed in menial cleaning duties? As a presentable maid to wait on you and your favourites? Or as an odalisque who will be a source of companionship and sexual pleasure herself? It is tempting to imagine using menials and maids sexually as a way of making their price seem more reasonable, especially during the excitement of an auction. But is this realistic? Even when they are compared to the beauty and charm of your existing odalisques and your future purchases?

Menials and maids are more likely to be sold in open air public markets, with odalisques and better quality maids sold in private rooms arranged around the perimeter of the market buildings. Like a perfumier who presents higher quality scents in a more exclusive environment, sellers try to market the better classes of slave away from the eyes of poorer men looking for one woman who can cook, wait, and submit to their mundane sexual desires.

The best merchandise is usually available by private sale in a dealer's house. To deter time wasters and voyeurs, a dealer may require a personal introduction from a previous customer or a man of substance already known to them, and at the very least you will need to make an appointment. This environment typically allows you more time to examine the slaves and perhaps to make direct comparisons between several similar girls. The downside is the absence of the restraining effect on prices from the presence of competing sellers nearby.

Dealers frequently purchase raw girls and train them in desirable domestic skills and entertaining talents such as dancing and music. As such, the reputation of his house can serve as some general guide to the girls' quality and as some guarantee about the accuracy of the claims he makes about each one. However, no method of sale is completely free from dishonest or cynical sellers.

Finally, it is conceivable you may receive a slave as a gift. Is she a useful addition to your household, an exciting plaything, or a burden that you must now clothe and feed? A thorough examination is still the first step in deciding how to employ her.

Whether you are examining a slave girl in a public market, a dealer's house, or in your own home, you should cover the following important points if time permits. If the seller tries to rush you in this, resist. If you are not given time to be sure, then move on.

The paramount requirement is that you are able to examine the slave when she is stripped naked, and that you are able to use your hands fully in your examination. Private sales in the side rooms at a market or in a dealer's house easily facilitate such intimate examinations without exposing the more expensive maids and odalisques to the public. In a public sale, if the seller does not wish to fully reveal his merchandise in open view then you must insist on completing your examination somewhere more private. If he continues to refuse, then you must end your negotiation in case he is attempting to conceal a visible defect from you.

Your examination aims to consider the physical attractiveness of the girl, to assess her general health and any specific illnesses, and to gauge her levels of obedience and submissiveness.

As you conduct the physical and health examination, pay attention to how she responds. As she disrobes, is she shy? Excited? Look her straight in the eye. Does she blush? Is she thrilled by your attention and approval? Or is she straining against her powerlessness? When you put your hands on her, be firm and slightly rough with her. Turn her round, bend her over, make her straighten, and control her body with your hold of her arm, neck, or hair rather than with verbal commands. Does she melt into your power, or does she bridle like an unbroken pony? By maintaining eye contact as you examine her intimately and question her, you have an opportunity to see her reaction to being humiliated. Is she still burdened with pride, or eager to follow your commands wherever they lead?

How many owners has she had before? The seller may have made claims about this when he introduced her, but what does she have to say herself? Can she name them, and give a consistent story with her rough age at each point? What kinds of uses has she been put to? Menial work? Maid service? Is she a virgin? Has she been kept as an odalisque before?

Her hands, knees, and feet can give you some clues about her previous uses. Rough, calloused hands indicate manual work. Soap from scrubbing floors or washing dishes leads to dry cracked fingers and backs of hands. Knees can betray time spent cleaning on all fours. Does she have the tough, calloused soles of a menial slave who goes out and about barefoot; or does she have the soft soles of an odalisque who knows only cushions, rugs, and delicate satin slippers.

Does her body reveal a history of physical punishments for disobedience? A soundly whipped girl will have marks that last for months or years across her back, bottom, and thighs. Cane marks to thighs and bottom will last for days, and are a particularly worrying sign as they indicate the seller has had to use force to obtain good behaviour even now just before sale. Cane marks to the soles of the feet fade away quickly unless cuts are produced.

Finally the examination moves to its most intimate stages.

Have her turn around under command, walk back and forth, stand up on tip toes and then flat on the ground, and then bend to touch her toes. Do you like the look of her legs, breasts, waist, and bottom? Even if you don't intend her to serve sexually, you will find your gaze settling on her body now and then in your house, so her appearance matters. At the very least, it should not be an unpleasant distraction from the visual delights of your harem.

With your hands upon her, how does she feel to your touch? Do you enjoy cupping her breasts and bottom? How does the narrowness of her waist and neck feel as you hold them in your grip? Do her skin and nails show signs of disease or poor diet? What about her eyes and teeth? Take the opportunity to hold her mouth open to get a better view and look her in the eye for a moment as you do. Does she thrill or boil with anger?

If she is a virgin the seller may be understandably reluctant to allow a rough internal examination. However, you still want to gauge her sexual responsiveness by stroking, manipulating, and pinching her nipples and clitoris. If allowed, you should take the opportunity to put one then two then three fingers inside her and instruct her to clench her vaginal muscles in each case. This is a good point at which to question her about her sexual history and experience. If you have aroused her and made her hunger for your gaze, then she may whisper surprisingly frank confessions about her desires. Finally, give her a first act of service to perform for you, by cleaning your fingers with her mouth and tongue.

Based on this thorough examination you should now be able to form an opinion on how much she is worth to you and where she would be best placed within your harem.

Edited Tue 4 Feb 14, 7:54 PM