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"The Arab Scribe" by J.F. Lewis, 1852
"The Bath" by J.L. Gerome, in the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
"Odalisque" by Max Nonnenbruch
"By order of the sultan" by Antonio Fabres
"Idle Moments" by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1875
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Odalisques blog

Posts about Orientalist paintings and about Odalisquian styles of O&P within the context of The Octagram.

8 Apr 13   Francesc Masriera and Maria Fortuny

I've blogged about mia and I going to Barcelona last weekend, and as I mentioned, one of the paintings we saw in the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC) was Masriera's "In the presence of the master" from 1891. I originally thought it might depict an ancient Egyptian subject, but I now see it as orientalist by comparing it with some of Masriera's other work. Maria Fortuny's "Odalisque" is usually also in the same gallery in Barcelona so I'll mention it too. [more...]

24 Mar 13   Six more paintings

Today I uploaded six more Orientalist paintings, showing domestic scenes and odalisques and slaves interacting with men who are reading or writing. [more...]

14 Jan 13   "Harem" by Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer's novel Harem (or "The Sultan's Harem") was a free Kindle download over Christmas so I had a look. Falconer is a bestselling author of historical fiction, which is a genre I don't often read, but I was pleasantly surprised. [more...]

10 Dec 12   The Octagram

One of my aims in posting all the paintings on Odalisques.com and FetLife, encouraging other people to post ones like they too, and creating the Odalisques group was to find useful ideas in amongst all this deeply attractive material. Useful in terms of real-life D/s-M/s-O&P relationships. On the Odalisques.com site is the Octagram - an eight-point distillation of key themes from this Odalisquian world which embodies this aim. [more...]

10 Nov 12   Furnishing the Hareem

For a long time one of the rooms in my house was the Studio, and it was used for a few photoshoots and scenes. This autumn I've been refurnishing it as the Hareem, with an eastern theme (although I'm leaving the suspension points intact!) The photo shows the divan sofa I've built in one corner, along with some of the accessories. [more...]

9 Nov 12   New odalisques.com site

I've been posting the Orientalist images of harems etc to my personal blog site (www.tanos.org.uk) recently, plus some blog posts about topics like Leighton House. I've now set up www.odalisques.com as a dedicated blogs/pictures site for those posts and pictures. I've also posted some of pieces of text about harems etc (eg from Edward Lane's "Modern Egyptians") and it links to the Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr etc profiles that automagically receive the same content. If you like these kinds of paintings and topics, it will be worth looking at :) [more...]

22 Oct 12   Visit to Leighton House, London

This weekend we had a trip to London, and on the Sunday visited the house of Lord Leighton, a 19th century painter of historical and orientalist subjects. He painted both pretty girls (such as the "The light of the harem") and well-researched scenes from other times and places. He travelled widely throughout his long career and Leighton House features a magnificent Arab Hall, decorated with reclaimed tiles bought on a journey to Damascus and woodwork from Cairo. It's somewhere I've been meaning to visit for years and I'm really glad it has coincided with my sudden return to orientalism. [more...]

15 Oct 12   Making a falaka stick for bastinado

In many eastern cultures, beating the soles of the feet, or bastinado, was the dominant form of corporal punishment for wrongdoers, including wives and servants. It was especially prevelant in the Ottoman Empire centred on Turkey and in Egypt, which inspired so much of the western fantasy "Odalisquian" world of harems, odalisques, slavegirls etc. Bastinado was done using some kind of rod or cane and a stick with a rope to hold the ankles, called a falaka. This blog shows a falaka stick I made this week. [more...]

29 Sep 12   Odalisques group on FetLife

This week I've been posting harem and odalisque paintings to the new Odalisques group on FetLife. It's interesting to see the reactions of an international kink audience to these images, which I think people are more familiar with in the UK. I've also been posting the ones I didn't already have on the photostream on my homepage.

25 Sep 12   "Magnificent Century" Turkish TV drama

Last night mia and I watched the first episode of Magnificent Century, a historical Turkish TV drama series about Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his Russian slave Roxelana. It was surprisingly enjoyable and naturally showed the slaves of the harem and some of their education. If you like watching D/s and M/s scenarios being played out, you might enjoy it too. [more...]

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