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The Female Slave Market in Constantinople (1 Mar)
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Edward Lane's descriptions and drawings of female clothing (27 Jan)
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"The Arab Scribe" by J.F. Lewis, 1852
"The Bath" by J.L. Gerome, in the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
"Odalisque" by Max Nonnenbruch
"By order of the sultan" by Antonio Fabres
"Idle Moments" by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1875
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Odalisques blog

Posts about Orientalist paintings and about Odalisquian styles of O&P within the context of The Octagram.

23 Sep 12   The Code d'Odalisque Myth

After my blog about odalisques, harem slavery and Orientalism, the topic of the "Code d'Odalisque" has come up. The Code is about eight or nine years old, but was widely publicised in 2005 and sets out a detailed roleplay scenario based on Western fantasies of the harem. The original creators vanished in 2006 and the Code has been appropriated by individuals who are now promoting it with a mythical origin and history, rather like the Ancient European Training Houses myth people used to peddle in chatrooms. [more...]

20 Sep 12   Odalisquian thoughts

I've been looking through some of the things I've written about Orientalism and paintings of odalisques in particular. This is a thread going right back to my first BDSM homepage in 1997, where I displayed this image of the "Grande Odalisque" and said: "The picture below, La Grande Odalisque, was painted in 1814 by the French painter, Ingres. By odalisque, Ingres meant a female slave in a harem, trained to serve her Master's pleasure, and assigned to sexual rather than domestic duties. Today there are many men and women who enjoy owning or being slaves. This site contains more material [more...]

13 Jul 12   Harem Punishments

Paintings of eastern subjects, especially harems and female slaves, were very popular in the 19th century and many of them had BDSM undercurrents. These paintings were part of a shared fantasy world of Orientalism that existed in western art and literature which could be violent and pitiless. But in this world the harems were populated by pliant submissive beauties and there was almost a conspiracy of silence in the images to pretend that disobedience was unthinkable and that the slaves were all either happy with their captivity or resigned to it. Here I've tried to collect some [more...]

27 Aug 11   New York trip

Earlier this month mia and I had a trip to the US, with a week in New York followed by the GLLA weekend conference event in Indianapolis. I'm going to post later about GLLA so I can do the New York part first. We did a mixture of sight seeing, shopping (including BDSM shopping) and one BDSM event. [more...]

3 Mar 11   The Slave Market in Constantinople

Long before Constantinople became Istanbul, the "Avret (or Aurut) Bazaar" was the female slave market, which is the "Women's Market" in Turkish. It appears to have been within sight of the Nuruosmaniye Mosque, and is a real, identifiable place in modern day Istanbul. I've used some of my collection of slave market images to piece together some details about it, along with some of my own photos taken a couple of years ago when I had a chance to explore the area and written a page with the results [more...]

12 Feb 11   Going to see "Destiny" by Waterhouse

mia uses a detail from this painting on her IC profile and various other sites. The original is in Towneley Hall in Burnley, and we went to see it today. We went to Club Lash last night, and had planned to go to the Manchester Munch today, but it was a nice day and we both needed some fresh air really so we headed off to Burnley this afternoon instead. [more...]

5 Feb 11   Tamer Yilmaz Turkish bath shoot with Tugce Kazaz

I've come across a shoot that Tamer Yilmaz did last year with famous Turkish model Tugce Kazaz. Some is on his portfolio, but there's more on this Russian site (and Google turns up a lot more.) Some are pretty direct references to Gerome's 19th century paintings and his contemporaries.

27 Jan 10   Jose Jimenez Aranda's slave girl

I've had a copy of Jose Jimenez Aranda's painting of a naked slave girl (sat on a rug surrounded by the feet of buyers) on my site since about 2003. I made a stab at the inscription she bears, and got as far as "Rose" ("Rhodon") and "18 (years)" ("IH"), but I've now got an official version. [more...]

13 May 06   "An Intercepted Correspondence"

Since last week a copy of John Frederick Lewis's "An Intercepted Correspondence" has been hanging above the fireplace in my study. I originally bought the print in the summer of 1997, and it's been in more than one frame and hung on several walls since. My view of it and its wider context has changed too, and I'd like to put my current thoughts down, now that I can sit here and glance up at it as I write. [more...]

11 May 06   Another night in the stocks

Last month I posted about some modern paintings by Nicolay Bessonov which included stocks being used to hold female captives in prisons (rather than just being used for public humiliation.) Now I've found a couple of strikingly similar harem pictures involving stocks from the 19th century. [more...]