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"The Arab Scribe" by J.F. Lewis, 1852
"The Bath" by J.L. Gerome, in the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
"Odalisque" by Max Nonnenbruch
"By order of the sultan" by Antonio Fabres
"Idle Moments" by Frederick Arthur Bridgman, 1875
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Tamer Yilmaz Turkish bath shoot with Tugce Kazaz

Tamer Yilmaz Turkish bath shoot with Tugce Kazaz

I posted about this striking shoot back in 2011, but I've seen the images appearing on FetLife without attribution so I think it would be a good time for an update, with some more links.

The main female model is Tugce Kazaz who won Miss Turkey in 2001 and is a well known figure in Turkish celebrity culture. The photographer was Tamer Yilmaz and the shoot was done to promote a restaurant in Istanbul. However, the setting was the Galatasaray Turkish baths, and their website has more about this shoot and others.

Tamer Yilmaz's profile on 2photo has all of the above pictures and a few more in higher resolution.

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